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  • Registration: SPOTTERDAY 14. Juni 2019

Registration: SPOTTERDAY 14. Juni 2019

Please fully complete this form once per person.

We charge a fee of €25 for adults and €15 for children and adolescents under 16 years. This includes transport from the parking area to the aircraft display and back and reduced admission fees for the „Aeronauticum“ aviation museum where you may find additional attractions such as historical naval aircraft.

Upon receipt of your registration mail, we will send you a confirmation mail within a few days with the details needed for payment.

By your registration, you declare your acceptance of our terms, namely:

  • that you will obey any orders by our personnel in our military installation,
  • that you will submit to security checks of your person and personal effects,
  • that you will be permitted to film or take photographs only in the area of our exhibition, and
  • that you will only be allowed access to the naval air base on this day within the timeframe given in advance.

Data Privacy Protection Declaration:

I have been informed that for organizational reasons my personal data have to be used. These data will be stored in the list of participants as an electronic file for up to 3 months after the event under Projektgruppe TdBw Nordholz and then deleted. The following data will be stored: Rank, name, first name(s), academic degree/title(s), street, house number, place of residence, unit of assignment, phone number, e-mail address. I hereby declare that I agree to the processing and use of my personal data as detailed above.